The Glass Castle

I’m currently reading this, so I thought I’d post some of my thoughts while I’m in the midst of it. I told myself I had to finish before the movie comes out. Which, can we talk about how Brie Larson is Jeannette?! Pumped. Anybody remember this music video of her? Kills me.

I’m going to discuss the book now…so don’t read it if you’re planning to read it still…okay…go.

Thoughts on the first few chapters: Oh, yeah, I’m gonna like this. It’s fascinating!

Thoughts on early childhood: I feel conflicted. Like in some aspects, Jeanette’s parents do a lot with them, or make it seem that way at least. But on the other hand, they lack basic necessities for taking care of them.

Thoughts on Battle Mountain: THEY SLEEP IN CARDBOARD BOXES AND EAT MARGARINE. K. I call Neglect. Gotta keep reading, because where is this going? Still super intrigued.

Thoughts on staying at their house in Phoenix: I can’t believe they didn’t them the kids their grandmother died. So sad. Also. They shoot each other with guns?!

Thoughts on Welch: No. This actually can’t all be real?! This is too much. *glance at the back cover of the book* How is she so normal looking??

If you haven’t read The Glass Castle yet, pick up a copy here! You still have over a week before the movie comes out to devour this book, which you for sure will, !

Cheers and happy reading!

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