For The Love Podcast With Jen Hatmaker

Y’all, I’ve got another pod for ya that you’re going to love. (Do you like how I just said y’all even though I’m from nowhere near the south?)  It’s whatever. I do what I want. Just do yourself a favor and go listen.

You’ll love this one, friends, if any of these lovely topics relate to you:

  • you are moving to Nashville (or any new city, for that matter) (me)
  • you are single (me)
  • you are obsessed with thinking about who you would choose as a girlfriend in your life, either dead or alive (me)
  • you want advice on what it’s like to walk through life when you have more married friends than single friends (ME)
  • you want to laugh (me)
  • you want to talk Adele, Lucille Ball, Amy Schumer, and Michelle Obama (me)

Huh, yeah, I fit into all of those categories. Shocker.  Listen, guys, I know you’ll find some value here and I know you’ve got 45 minutes to spare. And also, if you’re sitting there thinking, actually, I don’t have 45 minutes to spare, sorry. Well, then, you’ve got bigger fish to fry. Seriously. Email me. You need a self-care plan. I didn’t get a masters in counseling for nothin’. I promise this one is worth your time! If you don’t smile at least once, I’ll give you your money back. Guaranteed. Which is a total of ZERO-fricken-dollars because I’m broke as hell and unemployed.

Cheers and happy listening!

ps. tell me what YOU loved about it. I’m dying to know. Seriously, tell me. And then tell all your friends. Excellent.


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