Kye Kye

I’m not even sure where to begin with such a crew. This fam band is too legit to quit and originally from Estonia. Their cool factor just went up 7 points, I know.  I actually got to meet Olga at a show in Tulsa a few years back. A friend and I bought tickets to a JARS OF CLAY concert, simply just so we could see Kye Kye open. The things we do for love. Also can I just say – Olga is even more gorgeous in person. And like, look at her.


I’d say they are some of the best. I’ll go through major spurts where it’s all I’ll listen to. But it’s about more than just the sound. It’s the lyrics. They’re incredibly deep and poetic. And I’m not even super into poetry, but these words hold a different weight for me. I think what I love about them is that you have to dig for the Gold. You have to work to find the deeper meaning, which makes it all the sweeter.

People (Stripped Sessions) – Kye Kye

I still yearn to be love without a need to please, help me, help me
Silent crave to have childish peace while weary things haunt me, haunt me
Like falling in my sleep
People, it’s taking forever
I’ve tried to connect with her, but now she’s gone
Priceless is what draws attention
What kind of affection is making a mark with us?
Strained love, lost fire, missed mark
A hurried pace won’t frame
Anything to last
They see my heart
They keep away.

Get a glimpse of who they are in this video. I don’t know if I’ve heard someone better describe the power of music. Check it out.

We want to give you the most intimate part of ourselves… and we are giving it to you the way we do it best – through our music.

Their sophomore album is stellar. You’ve gotta listen. Pour over the lyrics and see where they take you.

Own it. 

Stream it.

Happy listening. ❤

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