It’s the end of August and it’s time for me to tell you all the current things that are changing my life. Or not, really. But these are things I love and think you might too! It’s all things food, pop culture, travel, and every other basic white girl blog thing. So let’s just get right into it, shall we?

  • Uhm, Scandal. (Fully aware I’m about 6 years late to this game. Chill.) I’m not sure whether I love the episodes or these more.
  • Rarely can you love something in all of its forms. This, I do. I promise you. La Croix, in the pan, in the hair, on the legs, in my smoothies, in my mouth, in a jar. whatever. Gimme it, I want to consume it all. I will not waste my text commenting on people who think it’s bad for you. Literally, get out of my life.
  • Thankful for upgrades, y’all. This sucker took a bath in the Yellowstone River and no damage was to be found. All you need to read is “water resistance.” Also, FYI: black is the new black.
  • This app is saving me millions. I’m exaggerating by about 99.9% of a million. I love a book in real life as much as the next Joe Shmoe, but homegirl is still broke and can’t afford the New York Times Bestseller. 
  • She’s beauty, she’s grace, she’s Miss United States. Or the next best thing. I can’t get enough of this chick. I’m consuming all she does as quick as I can. Watching from a distance how she deals with letdowns, disappointments, and criticism has been amazing. You’ve got to read this, if you haven’t.
  • This song has been on repeat all weekend. I’m listening even now. You should too.
  • SWIFTIE. Constantly challenging the world to keep up with her marketing skillz. I ain’t mad. I watched the views on her Look What You Made Me Do lyric video go up by hundreds of thousands in minutes. It’s been up for 15 hours and it’s already at 10 MIL.
  • When I’m rich and powerful (lol) this will be one of the first things I splurge on. As you can see, I’m about the wildest kid you know. Yes, I’m referring to myself as a kind. What of it.
  • Do you think they would give me a lifetime supply of anything I ever wanted simply because I love them? What are the odds of this happening, you think?
  • I just told my mom that she raised a hellion because I just spent money on these because they are SICK. And they’re going to keep me from getting sick, hopefully.
  • I am every marketer’s dream girl. I’m ashamed to say.
  • Best new movie I’ve seen.
  • What is the deal with these? Is it possible to be addicted?
  • Can I have two? Is my life busy enough? (NOT CURRENTLY)

Cheers, happy wknd!

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