Engaging Hope in Seasons of Disappointment

So, job hunting is hard. At times it is frustrating. Other times it is confusing. And then there are times when it is unbelievably disappointing. Dreams don’t make sense. Vision seems lost. And your hope seems to have left the planet. I fought this for a few months everyday. It took constant care and attention to remember how to hope. Yours probably wasn’t about ‘post-grad,’ but I’m sure you have your story. Regardless of what caused the disappointment, it happened nonetheless. And I don’t know about you, but it’s when things aren’t rainbows and butterflies, it can be anything but easy.

Melissa Helsmer has some of my favorite lyrics to date. So when this video popped up on my suggestions page of YouTube, I was into it. So I watched it the other day and basically wrote down the whole thing because I thought it was that good. Unbelievably refreshing, in my opinion. I’m curious if you’ll like it as well.

I genuinely hope it speaks to you.

“Sometimes the intensity of your anger or trauma leaves you feeling like you don’t fully know what to do with your emotion, so you tell yourself ‘stop feeling that way, God is good, stop feeling that way, God is good.’ And the shame of actually feeling something is worse than the actual emotion.”

Cheers and happy journaling! xx

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