Books That Make You Itch To Travel (Even With Small Humans)

This one will evoke some drop everything, pause life, and just go type of feelings. I first heard of Tsh (yes, that’s how she spells it) on Shauna Niequst’s Podcast. Read more about that podcast here. Truth be told, I’ve been into her ever since. I recommended it to a friend and she read it within a few days, and the day after she finished it she sent it in the mail to her mom. That’s how good it is.

“Two opposing things can be equally true. Counting the days till Christmas doesn’t mean we hate Halloween. I go to church on Sundays, and still hold the same faith at the pub on Saturday night. I shamelessly play a steady stream of eighties pop music and likewise have an undying devotion to Chopin. And perhaps most significantly: I love to travel and I love my home.”

I just finished this book and basically…. I’ve been looking at flights all week. DISCLAIMER: You will want to travel BIG time, so if you’re trying to save, don’t have anymore vacation time, or are weird and don’t like to travel,  maybe steer clear?

Tsh is kind of a role model for me now in how I’d like to raise my kids. I want them to experience the world at a young age. I think it’s so important. If I could’ve done something like this at such an early age…. can’t.

So I listened to a podcast recently (pretty sure it was Tsh) that was talking about book recommendations. They made a good point in saying that me recommending a book to you isn’t necessarily going to make you read it. Because what if we don’t like the same type of books? If all I read is fantasy (ew, not true, but go with me), and I recommend a book to you, and you don’t even like that genre, my recommendation is crap. Sooo. Here are a couple of other book I like, and if you’ve read and liked any of them, you might like this book.

  1. The Sacred Year – Michael Yankowski
  2. If You Find This Letter – Hannah Brencher
  3. Blue Like Jazz – Donald Miller
  4. Traveling Mercies – Anne Lamott
  5. Carry On Warrior – Glennon Doyle Melton

Here’s a glimpse of At Home In The World:

“Something is missing. Our inner adventurers hug the walls as shadows, eclipsed by parental and culturally expected responsibility. I still think of myself as a vagabond, and yet these days I only travel for work. I am a writer and Kyle works from home for a small company, but we feel the heaviness of our ordinary life. It is a reasonable weight; we aren’t overcommitted, and I am mightily grateful for the years of exploration behind us. But our existence is still heavy with midlife expectations.”

Come onnnnn, Tsh. Go there.

“If I could, I’d take the food and art of Italy, for example, couple it with the quiet, understated personality of France and the orderliness of Germany, the cinematic and literary wit of Britain, and blend it into one utopian, and ultimately dystopian, probably, civilization.”

If you still aren’t sold yet, listen to an interview of her discussing the book with Shauna.


Are you sold now? Go ahead and Get. This. Book. Here.



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