3 Albums I’m Digging

Okay, so a friend of mine the other day was like, “I love that you put the xx when it’s explicit. Because I work at a church.” And I was like….. “yeah…… that isn’t why I do it. TBH I just did it because I needed a name for the series. BUT that’s genius.” (also not a new concept, so WHO KNOWS why I was so mind blown. IDK. But I was.) All that to say, I’m going to add an xx if a playlist is explicit for all y’all that want some clean stuff. I’ll try real hard to make sure some playlists actually exist in that category. Hahahah.

Back to the point.

1. Dua Lipa (xx)

This is a fun album! She’s actually really talented, in my opinion. A friend just saw her open for Bruno Mars and said she was really good live. That says a lot in my book. I don’t know why I just wrote off the album? I guess I thought it was just another pop album. But I’ll be honest, I like a good pop album.


Stream it.

Buy it.


2. Harry Styles

I’m late to this game, but it’s a great album. It’s definitely rock, so I listen in small doses because this isn’t my favorite genre. But I really like it. Super pleasantly surprised by him. I’ve never been a die hard One Direction person, but my friend El dog is. She could probably tell you their favorite foods. (Amirite, el?)

CURRENT FAV: Ever Since New York

Stream it.

Buy it.


3. Noah Gunderson – WHITE NOISE (xx)

Wait, can’t even tell this is Noah? I love it. Don’t get me wrong, I love his old stuff, but I’m super excited about the change. It’s got a lot more of an electronic vibe, as opposed to his more chill/acoustic sound. He definitely still has that, but something is different. Excited to dive deeper into this one.


Stream it.

Buy it.


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