You + Me

Okay if you’re not on the You+Me train you are honestly not my friend. Dallas Greene and Pink KILL IT together. I die over their version of Sade’s No Ordinary Love. D I E.

This album came out in 2014, and I can remember vividly when I first fell in love with their voices paired together. They evoke SO MUCH EMOTION. More people need to know them.

And let me just say… I have so much respect for Pink. I haven’t been the biggest fan of her style of music in the past, but man! That VMA speech. So good. That needed to be said. I felt pretty convicted after I watched. We can all do better at making room for people that don’t fit our mold of “normal.”

…we help other people to change so they can see other kinds of beauty.

Go Pink. Go Dallas Greene. PLZ MAKE ANOTHER ALBUM, THX.

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