Alrightyyy then. I’ve been into Joseph for about a year now and it’s time you know them if you don’t. They harmonize better than I ever could even if I had singing lessons since infancy. It’s actually not fair. But I gotta say thank you to them because it’s beautiful. The world needs to hear all of it. Every piece. They are dreamy and have a bit of a folky sound. They are in the genre of excellent. l o l

These chicks/sisters are from Portland. *Cool points* Also what is it with sister bands? Why do they all rock? Why do they come in threes? Why don’t I have any? I’m mad at you, ma and pa. I could’ve had a real career here. Because people want the sister trio!

First song I fell for: Not Mine (ATO Session)

Second song I fell for: Cloudline

Current Obsession: Honest

Other songs I cannot imagine life without: Blood and Tears, Everybody Wants to Rule The World, White Flag, SOS (Overboard)


Photos taken from

Check out their harmonies on this dreamy street. Like wut? C-ya.

I work at an event space on the weekends and after everybody cleared out for the night, we blared Joseph and it was perfect.

Buy it.

Stream it.

Cheers and happy harmonizing! ps I think their fav color is mustard.

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