The New Activist Podcast

Okay so obviously you know I’m a huge fan of podcasts. I heard someone say the “podfather”the other day and I was done. Like, why was that even funny? Sometimes I  am shocked at how easy it is for me to reach the “can’t” stage. I’m literally shaking my head as I write this.

Any-who. I’m in the car for about an hour everyday, which means I have ample time to ingest a lot of media. I’m blessed to be able to listen to music most of the day at work when I’m not on the phone, so I rarely listen to tunes on my commute. (I feel so old saying commute.)

I initially wrote this podcast off. I’m going to try and not get too crazy with this post, but I feel there’s so much to be said about “activism,” the state of our world, and how we genuinely create change. I’m going to go on just a small tangent, here.

I sometimes (a lot of times) feel overwhelmed with the amount of things that could take my attention in the day, specifically when it comes to… peace or lack thereof. Natural disasters, terrorism, mass shootings, equal rights, feminism, corrupt leadership, sexual assault, the refugee crisis, etc etc etc. The list honestly could go on for decades. You get my point. Do you ever feel like we jump from one tragedy to the next? We move from Aleppo to Hurricane Harvey to the shooting in Las Vegas with everything in between (all equally worthy of our attention). My brain and heart gets shattered time and time again, though and I’m left wondering which way is up.

My point here is that it’s really hard to know how to help sometimes. We oftentimes want to be on the forefront of helping. We want to get our hands dirty and know that we had a part in change! In healing! In restoration! But more often than not we’re left confused on how to do this. We can pray, post our condolences and concerns, give financially, raise awareness, provide emotional support, etc. Are you ever left feeling like maybe we could do more? Am I alone here? I don’t think I am. (I don’t have an answer, I’m just talking out loud.)

So back to the point of this entire post. I wrote this podcast off initially because I honestly didn’t want to listen to another thing about “creating awareness.” I know this is important but that’s just it. I already know awareness matters. What else can I do? So, I started listening to this podcast because I trust the content Relevant puts out and the first episode looked interesting enough. The other reason I was intrigued is because International Justice Mission is the other creator and they’re doing some incredible work around the world.

Sooooo. This is getting way too long, but I’m very pleasantly surprised, honestly. It’s stirring something inside of me that feels alive again, after so much tragedy and destruction. Obviously this pod isn’t the key to life, but I think there are some great conversations had. Some of the organizations mentioned have sucked me in and I get lost down a rabbit hole googling them afterwards.

I really think you should check it out.

I recommend:

Parker Clay (caused me to buy a $128 purse, but more to come on that soon)

Jenny Yang (World Relief is an amazing organization, and it was interesting to hear her perspective on the refugee crisis)

Seth Goldman (He started Honest Tea and I loved hearing about the process of starting the company, their core values, and the risk of being bought by a major player in the industry.

Old Skool Cafe (I just listened to this one on my way to work this morning and it stirred something in me. It got me excited to dream and actually made me feel an urgency I haven’t felt in a minute. I kind of got emotional because a lot of times the process isn’t shown and we feel like we can’t start something because we’re too young, too old, not educated enough, not connected enough, not experienced enough, and I’m just over it. Listen to this one, guys.)

Do you guys have any thoughts on activism? I really would love to hear how you cope with the strain and weight of all we’re facing today. How do you personally advocate for the marginalized? What does advocacy even mean to you?


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