Brandi Carlile

UM I COULD CRY THINKING ABOUT BRANDI CARLILE COMING OUT WITH NEW TUNES!!!!!!!!! And I’m late to the fan club, so I can’t imagine what other people must think. I got to see her live about a year and a half ago…… I still really don’t have words. It was one of the most beautiful concerts I’ve ever been to. I’m kicking myself now because I never even took a picture, because I was so wrapped up in the show. Here’s a song off her new album called The Joke.

Sheesh, this chick has quite the range. And great style. It’s almost like you’d assume she’s from the PNW. Weird, right? Lulz. She’s from Washington. Also did you know she dropped out of high school to pursue music? K, obvi I’m not condoning that but seriously, wowza that worked in her favor. You go girl. Youuuu freaking teach yourself piano and guitar. We’re not sad about it. We won’t boycott it. Keep it up, homegirl. Keep. It. Up.

Honestly, she is just cool. Like, get this: In honor of her breakout album, The Story, coming out 10 years ago, (which she started writing at the age of 17!!!!!), she has recreated the album with mostly new covers from superstars like Adele, Dolly Parton, and The Avett Brothers. But that’s not even the best part! All proceeds from Cover Stories will go to War Child – an organization that gives children in war zones a chance to start over.

Read more about Cover Stories in her interview with Rolling Stone.


I get really passionate about artists who use their platform in positive ways. I think we really hit the mark when we talk about things other than ourself. Like if you’ve been given an amazing gift, platform, influence, etc., you better freaking use it well!!!! Alright alright, I won’t get off on that tangent. 

If you’re new to the Brandi Carlile train, first of all, welcome. Secondly, enjoy:

Fav song to date:I Belong To You – I like am not kidding when I say I have listened to this song near a hundred times. Is she kidding with these lyrics? No? Oh, k.

Other songs I can’t get enough of: 

Before It Breaks (Live version, of course)


Wherever Is Your Heart

That Year

I could probably list all the rest of her songs ever. But I’ll refrain. Just make sure to check her out. Her new album, By The Way, I Forgive You (I mean are you kidding with that album title? amazeballs) will be out February 16th. So, see ya then.

My BFF el, created a playlist for me of all her fav songs. I think you might love it! Check it out. 

And if you want to support War Child by purchasing Cover Stories, do it here!

Cheers! Happy harmonizing and stuff!

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