Somewhere between young, wild and free and an anxiety attack.


That is YEBBA’s bio on her Spotify account. Which consists of 1 song. A track called Evergreen that she’s dedicated to her mom. She’s also featured in a song off Sam Smith’s new record called No Peace.

Abbey Smith is the next big thing. She was a backup singer for Chance the Rapper and at one point (4:00) he turns around and is almost shocked at how good she is. He later gave her a shoutout on Twitter too.

Screen Shot 2017-11-29 at 10.26.35 PM

I discovered this song on Youtube yesterday and you will all thank me later. Guaranteed. I haven’t stopped listening except for when I need an emotional break. HAHA. Ed Sheehan heard YEBBA’s Sofar performance and admitted that he cried. I MEAN, IT’S NOT HARD. Ya, it’s that good. Listen, and repeat.



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