LIGHTS: Skin&Earth

I have done countless recording sessions and writing sessions – that have all been amazing – but 1% of them have been with women. Maybe even less.

Guys, I saw this chick like probably 10 years ago with my bff el, when she opened for Owl City. LOL. Let’s all just have a laugh at that right quick. The Saltwater Room is still LYFE, though.

Lights, original name Valerie Anne Poxleitner, is a 30 year old pop/indie pop artist. She’s a singer/songwriter/producer, and now recently is branching into the comic book world. It’s casual.

She has always intrigued me because she’s such a unique, different person. For example, everybody legitimately calls her Lights except her parents. And she’s a freak for comics and like, video games and stuff. Also she worked with some dude at Marvel and helped create a character called Captain Lights. What?! And she’s a freaking bombshell. I mean look at the length of that hair. So good. Also she was a Myspace fan. Lights, who were your top 8????


I recently heard in an interview that her parents were missionaries and she knew from a young age that music was super powerful, because of watching her dad play guitar while growing up. So she’s always known that music was what she wanted to do. And one day in good ol’ 2007, Old Navy found her music. Tra la la. It ain’t no thang.

Her debut album was The Listening.

First Songs I Fell In Love With: Second Go, Saviour, The Listening, February Air (All from her debut album, The Listening)

Then I kind of lost track of her music for awhile. Like I went to college and started listening to the Jersey Shore soundtrack? ya, TRUE STORY. I am healed, don’t even worry. I probably rediscovered her a year or so ago when she released an acoustic version of her album, Little Machines and titled it Midnight Machines. Fell for it hard.

Songs I love off that acoustic greatness: Up We Go, Same Sea, Follow You Down (!!! listen!!), Muscle Memory

And now she recently came out with her latest album, Skin&Earth. I honestly really like it. For some reason I wasn’t expecting to? However I will say, Lights definitely has a unique sound and I don’t think everyone will like her style. Which is fine. It’s fine. It’s…fine. But I enjoy it and her as an artist. I’ve heard her mention in multiple interviews that she’s really into the production of her music, but she’s also super passionate about the songs standing alone when they’re stripped down. She wants people to know that she’s involved in both aspects and takes them both equally serious.


Lights is not afraid to break stereotypes and gender molds. Her latest project not only includes new music, with which she states that really released her “inner diva,” but she also created a comic book to go with it. It’s broken up into 6 issues and I believe different songs go with different chapters. The album can stand by itself but she’s delving into new territory here, by creating a story that coincides with it. Seems pretty cool. Genius. One of a kind. Innovative. Yep. It’s definitely an area that isn’t really tapped into, especially by a girl.

I think there’s this strange – not so much these days – but there’s sort of a misconception that if you do pop music, you don’t really do it. You know, if you’re a pop female, there’s a million 40 year old men involved in the tracks and you’re just the one who sings it.

If you want to hear more about her new record and all things being a woman in the music industry, check this video out:

I’ve only listened to this album in order, never really skipping or shuffling the songs, and I really like it that way because everything flows together so well. If I had to say favs, I’d choose Morphine, Skydiving, New Fears, and We Were Here.

Buy it.

Stream it:

cheers! happy comic-ing!

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