NPR: Tiny Desk Concert

Okay so who decided that recording music along a wall of books and vinyl while using minimal equipment was a good idea? Bob Boilen, apparently. And this is behind his desk. — What’s a girl gotta do to get an office like this?! I’ll do anything. #deskgoals Anyway, Bob, thanks. Thanks so much, you’re a genius. (All I can think of is Bob from Stranger Things 2, can ya relate?) His podcast is called All Songs Considered, which I will be adding to my ever-growing list to listen to in 2018.

Tash Sultana

Tash Sultana has a pretty crazy story. She used to be a major druggie and was going through some wild mind stuff. She says that music saved her. She can play like 11 instruments and she taught herself all of them. I think she started playing guitar when she was around 3? She got famous while busking (playing on the streets). You can hear more on her Ted Talk and Busker Story. Just get to like 14 minutes in. Sheesh. If you’re wondering, that song is called Notion and is definitely her most popular to date.


Specifically when she sings Brain around 7 minutes. For whatever reason, I am still not over it. Nope, not one bit.


She’s a quirky little cat, and I have a very hard time believing she’s 21, but nonetheless, really freaking talented.


Will never get over how calming her voice is. One day I’ll go to a live show (had tix, didn’t go, still bitter, literally can’t talk about it), but until then, Tiny Desk will suffice.

Brandi Carlile

SHE’S SO FUN. Swooning over her and her talent. Come onnnn. How do I get an all access pass to see any of her shows whenever/wherever? Sounds like a friendship, probs? I’m not obsessed, promise. Just v grateful she’s making music.

Lianne La Havas

Last but not least, getchu some SOUL before you go back to your day. Who is this chick and why haven’t I heard of her?! This video has 6.4 million views, and I apparently either live on another planet, or I’m crazy. Not sure there’s any other explanation. Like, obviously you expect that many views from someone like Adele, but I guess I was surprised. That is, until the video started. Also she has this great live version of Say A Little Prayer on Spotify… check it.

Cheers – this is music you can put on while you rearrange your desk.

What are your favorites???



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