Captain Fantastic… is Fantastic

I’m so into this movie. I’ve seen it multiple times and still can’t get enough. It’s fantastic (ha-ha) and different and so, so worth watching. The cinematography of Washington State is beautiful and the soundtrack is amazeballs.

Captain Fantastic is a depiction of this kind of free spirited, unconventional way of life, and in so many regards this family seems to be ahead of the curve. But then, in other ways they’re uncomfortably behind when it comes to social skills in the “real world.” They’re horribly blunt, intelligent, and one of a kind. I found it refreshing, sad, and super interesting… (you’ll get that joke if/when you watch the movie).

I will say, I’ve seen this movie a handful of times and I still can’t remember everyone’s name. They’re really weird and original – here’s the hilarious part, though. I have a very hard time knowing if the youngest two kids are boys or girls. HAHA. They all have long hair and live in the wilderness. It’s hard. They’re grungy! I could probably just look it up, but I kind of love not being sure. It like solidifies the weirdness of this movie.


Viggo Mortensen received an Academy Award nomination for best actor in 2016. So you know it’s good. It received an 83% on Rotten Tomatoes, if you’re still not convinced.

The last 15 minutes of the movie is so gooooooooood. I cry. Go watch it! If you have Amazon Prime you can watch for free! You have zero excuses.

Cheers – let’s all go climb a wall and run laps in the forest.

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