Podcast of the Week: Armchair Expert

Dax Sheppard with a podcast? First guest featuring Kristen Bell? Yes ma’am, yes sir, I am here for that.

I listened to this entire episode last night…it’s about 1 hr and 45 minutes long. Man, they are a fascinating couple. They really aren’t afraid to lay it all out there. I love it.

If you like hearing more about celebrities, download this.
If you’re interested in seeing a “non-filtered” view of a Hollywood marriage, this is probably for you.
Want to hear some hilarious, honest stories, about dead pigeons and Justin Bieber? This is surely for you.

I like, thrive off of hearing other people’s stories. I love learning about why people are the way they are, and how their experiences have shaped them and given them the perspective they have. Maybe that’s why I love podcasts so much. These two definitely don’t shy away from sharing what they believe, and why they believe it.

Bottom line is – Dax Sheppard and Kristen Bell are the freaking best and I really enjoyed this. Let me know if you do too.

Listen now!!!!

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