What I Do On Sunday

Every Sunday, almost as religiously as going to church, I do something very holy for myself. It’s… therapeutic. It’s become a favorite form of self-care for me, because it leaves me inspired, happy, and it gives me a good freaking laugh.

What am I talking about?

Youtube. …I watch youtube videos. It’s rocket science, I know.

Yep, not kidding. Interviews, music videos, trailers, documentaries, Jimmy Fallon, James Corden, ELLEN and the likes. I gotta have it. Like at Coldstone Creamery. Fun fact: This was my first job and me and my bff El definitely tried our hand at the throwing ice cream thang. I’d say we were average, right El? Anywho – I started getting lost in vids during Grad School when life was sooooo serious. *pause for dramatic effect/eye roll* It honestly saved my life. Ask my gal, Lauryn. She surely knows because she would always walk into my room and find me deep in the black hole that is Youtube. It’s fine, I’d suck her in, too.

So! In honor of that, I’m giving you a few new and old favorites to get you started on this ripe Sunday.

If you love Melissa McCarthy:

If you love love, and need a good weep fest:

If you want a great song and an amazing video:

(I didn’t say it was happy)

If you love #art:

If you’re interested in hearing more about Jay-Z’s perspective:

And lastly, if you can’t get enough of Kristen Wiig:


Tell me your favs! I know I can’t be the only freak that does this.

Photo cred: The Creative Exchange

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