Podcast of the Week: Goal Digger

Okay, so I may or may not be newly obsessed with Jenna Kutcher. She’s so freaking cool. And she’s like not even 30.  She’s from a small-town in Wisconsin, which is so relatable to a million freaking people, but because she’s been so successful (think like, 7-figures successful), they now jump between Wisconsin and Maui. (Yeah, I know. My thoughts exactly.) 


The Goal Digger podcast has so many practical tips about marketing, social media, creative entrepreneurship, small business strategy, and branding. If you didn’t have an itch to start something before, you will now. It’s been a huge motivator for this blog, what I want to do, and where I see myself going.

But she’s not only great because of those things. If you look at her instagram, you see a real person. Positive body image, vulnerability through a miscarriage, marriage, working from home, and life with cutie dogs flood her feed. And if you look at her website (beware, it’s beautiful), you’ll find a million freebies to help get you started in whatever thing you’ve started, or dream of creating.

After hiding for years, I feel like a new woman and it isn’t lost on me that my body never really changed, it was my thoughts towards it that did. I just got really tired of always hating, always hiding.

If hating ourselves got us anywhere, we would have already arrived, right? So let’s change the pace, rotate the compass, and try something new.

I’ve listed some of my favs below, and I would love for you to check them out! Do you already love her? Am I late to the game? What episodes do I need to listen to?

Favorite episodes:

(click to listen)

IMG_1615 copy

IMG_1613 copyIMG_1614








I want to know what you think! Hope you love her. Maybe one day we’ll all have dream homes in Maui.




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