All The Things You Need To Help You Thrive This March

WHAT HAPPENED? DID FEBRUARY EVEN EXIST? Probably it didn’t. But I’m okay with it being March because that means friends visiting, fun projects (stay tuned), and FREAKING Jamaica! To say I’m excited isn’t accurate. It isn’t accurate at all. Also, if you’d like to say a prayer that my passport comes in on time, that’d be great. Thanks. (I’m so serious).

So. I put all the things together. It’s all the things I’m loving right now. I pray they’ll make your March even richer. Check em out.

  1. Why do I keep listening to this song?
  2. This book was FASCINATING. 
  4. My fav girl to follow on Twitter.
  5. Wait, all their planners are sold out? Not surprised. Here’s another thing I love.
  6. This. Music. Video. Is. Everything.
  7. I’m doing something so exciting with this chick. Follow her so you’re ready for it!
  8. I’m so late to the game on this one, geez.
  9. I’m shook. – Are people still saying that?
  10. Been anticipating this for straight up like a year and half.
  11. This has been life giving to my skin. Thanks to my pal, Mel.
  12. What I’m reading rn.
  13. Strut your shtuff to this.
  14. I look at these like, monthly. I wonder…will I ever just buy them?
  15. hbd to me (except 3 days late, but same diff)
  16. This is keeping me motivated. Get it in your life. 
  17. I’m on Whole 30 right quick, and this has been freaking crucial to my happiness.
  18. Want some IG inspo? This fam is a fav. And this some #millenialart but I love it.
  19. Just in case you need some perspective.
  20. Happy Thursday, friends! Make sure you get a laugh in.
BYE, love ya.
Cover photo by Caroline Attwood

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