Podcast of the Week: This American Life

I’ll be honest, I’ve never dabbled in this podcast. Get your gasps outta the way because I know. It’s arguably one of the most well done podcasts out there right now. Like I said, I know! I’ve definitely never questioned its quality, but it’s slightly overwhelming when you look and see that they have so many episodes. Like where do you even begin? How could I possibly listen to all of them? Apparently you start with the latest episode. Which is exactly what I did.

Episode 640: Five Women

OMG. This was so good. It follows 5 women who are all connected by one man: Don Hazen. If that name doesn’t sound familiar, well, in a nutshell – he basically is no longer at AlterNet because of sexual harassment allegations.

Honestly, I loved how straight up each of their answers were. They were definitely not scripted, and not necessarily what you’d think someone would say when being recorded for a story about how they were harassed. I’m not sure what I expected… maybe more outrage? Disgust? Hate? And while some of that was present, there was also this level of nonchalance and almost…downplaying that I heard. And I think it’s all too real with how so many of us have handled these situations in the past. Simply put, these women surprised me.

I’ve been thinking about this episode all day. I’d love if you listened and gave me your feedback. Did their response invoke anything in you?

Also….if you want a better synopsis than mine, you can read more about it here.


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I’m so open to recommendations on this podcast! Or any other, for that matter!

Cheers – happy weekend!


Photo: Lauren Tamaki

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