Podcast of the Week: Missing Richard Simmons

UHM, hello. I’ve been MIA, I know. But! I’m hoping life has actually slowed down a bit and I’ll be back in the groove of things. …I think the correct term is actually “in the swing of things” but whatever. You understand. I’ve still been reading/listening/watching as much as ever, so don’t you even worry, I have no shortage of recommendations. And I’m actually working on something centered around products and organizations that I’m excited to share! Stay tuned!

Back to the point –

Podcast of the Week:

Did anyone else miss the memo that Richard Simmons just dropped off the face of the planet for 3 years? No? Just me?

He just stopped showing up, stopped responding. He wasn’t heard from. Nobody saw him. He just…disappeared. RICHARD SIMMONS. The dude who always wore too short of shorts. THAT Richard Simmons. How is that possible?! How did I miss that?

This story is fascinating. The podcast is only like 7 episodes, and they’re not very long. And it’s well produced. I definitely got sucked in. It was honestly just so…unbelievable? So out of the blue. I learned a lot about Richard Simmons that I didn’t know. And I mean, to be fair, I really didn’t know all that much, so I had nothing but a wealth of knowledge to learn. Lolz. There was some really insightful interviews about him and how he’s helped people. Quirky guy, that’s for sure.

For real, check it out. 

I’d actually love to hear your thoughts. Do you agree with him? Does he really have a right to just do his own thing? Is that fair to all the people he’s helped? I’m serious, I want to know what you think. Comment.

Cheers to you and your workout video mornings!


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