Podcast of the Week: Love Letters

We’ve all experienced it. And if you haven’t, well, then, you’re lucky. What am I talking about? Break-ups, duh.I stumbled across this sucker randomly last week, and I’m freaking loving it. The storytelling is great, the host is great, and the production is great. It has a very “This American Life” feel. Which I’m all about.

So here’s the scoop:

This columnist at the Boston Globe, Meredith Goldstein, is talking all about love and relationships. Season One is dedicated to break-ups, with the never-ending question: How do you get over it? It’s told through stories, interviews, and confessions from her own life. Yes, yes, yes.

I definitely don’t agree with everything said (and I don’t think she does either), but I love hearing people’s opinions on this topic. It’s so interesting (Sidenote: I hate using the word interesting ever since I saw this movie). And let’s be honest… very relatable to the vast majority of us.

I listened to all the episodes available and now I’m all over here thinking about my own break-ups. IT’S A BLACK HOLE, PEOPLE. Don’t do it unless you’re ready.

You’ve gotta start at the beginning on this one, because you just should. I’m linking the trailer and first episode for you here. They’re quick-listens so you’ll get through all the episodes in no time.

S1E1: Trailer

S1E1: Getting Under to Get Over

What advice do you give someone walking through a break-up? What advice are you looking for when walking through one? Any advice you’ve given that you wish you could take back?

As always, I actually wanna know, so tell me.


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