A Life Update and the Future of Trend-ish

Hey, Hi, Hello!

I know you haven’t heard from me in quite awhile. About 7 months to be exact. Gosh, I just added up how long it’s been and I hadn’t realized how much time had passed. Sorry I ghosted, but, life. It took some pretty weird, unexpected turns and I didn’t really have the words, heart, or stamina to share. I was still writing, just not publicly. I was still consuming, but just not sharing as much. I have some news on where Trend-ish is headed, but let me catch you up to speed on life, first.

So, I have a) switched jobs b) moved houses and c) moved cities. L.O.L…….. This was obviously not my plan because I actually HATE the process of moving. I would’ve lived in that freaking apartment for the rest of my life if it meant I never had to clean another window blind or baseboard. Like, I’m so serious. I’m probably not going to move from my current house for this same reason. But nonetheless, it happened. I moved. I wasn’t expecting it. But here we are. In Tulsa, OK. I’m baaaaaack.

I lived as a nomad all summer and then some, while I figured out next steps. I’m pretty good at living out of a suitcase and being a minimalist, but even for me it was tough at times. Def NOT glam, know what I’m sayin’? I don’t want to make it sound like Nashville and the summer were horrible times. They weren’t. I loved Nashville. So much. I put my heart into that city while I was there, and I don’t regret going. It had its challenges, but it was an adventure and it helped me get to where I am now, and in the oddest, most surprising ways, it really prepared me for this period of my life. But all in all, I had to make some tough decisions and when I weighed the pros and cons, Tulsa made more sense support-wise, career-wise, and because family is closer. I’m an AUNT! This is major. I don’t want to be the cool aunt that’s only around for holidays. I want to be the cool aunt that shows up on a Friday night with Inside Out and ice cream, so it was important to me that I only be a quick car ride away. (And by quick, I mean 4 hours quick, LOL.) Baby steps, guys. I don’t want to live in Dallas, okay?

Transition can be a tricky thing. I will tell you that this hasn’t been the smoothest ride. Things didn’t necessarily go as I would’ve liked. It was like I was on this rollercoaster that I didn’t approve of and I wasn’t sure how to get off, except by going rogue for a hot sec.

Do you ever think about pruning? I do. I’ve been so fascinated by the concept of cutting something back, only for it to flourish even more as a result. I felt like I was this cute millennial green plant that was getting its leaves cut off. Dreams? Snip. City? Snip-snip. Career? Snip-snip-snip. My image? Snippppppp. My brain has had a hard time of understanding how letting go of these things will ever come back to benefit me, because that felt like a disservice to who I am, but I think I’m starting to see it. (I realize how selfish that sentence sounded, but just being honest, here.) It’s only because of grace, nurturing, and time (plus a lot of forgiveness from God for me being literally the most extra, ever) that I have perspective. And actually, if I think about it, I can look back at a lot of instances during my life where this was the case. Perspective always comes after the storm for me.

I could get lost sharing all of the details with you, but I’ll refrain. It’s not that exhilarating, anyway. Some things I will say, though:

  1. My metaphorical millennial plant is growing some baby leaves again.
  2. I’m renting the cutest little pad with a great friend.
  3. The most important things I was looking for in a job, I have.
  4. I can see the smallest glimpses of dreams being reborn.
  5. I have the best friends and family, near and far.
  6. Although it has felt like nothing more than a sliver at times, my faith in who Jesus is to me has been pivotal.
  7. I couldn’t have guessed to be where I am in a million years, but I feel excited about where I’m going.
  8. Life feels hopeful, and if you know me at all, then you know that, is a very big deal.

As for Trend-ish, I’m really excited! Things are going to change just a little bit around here. I have the GREATEST women around me, and it’s time you hear from them, too! So what you’re going to find are a lot more voices, talking about a lot more things. Like politics. And yoga. And Gilmore Girls. Leadership. Parenthood. Starting a business. Failure. New York at Christmas time. Transition. Everything pop culture. Faith. Humor. Theatre. Running a business. Creative outlets. How to cook some bomb Vegan food. Skin care. Managing people. Podcasts. The enneagram. All. of. it.

Okay, I’ll stop. But are you excited?! I am. This team around me is coming to you with all of their personality, life experience, and passion and I couldn’t be more honored to share a space with some of the best gals I know. If you know someone who needs to be on here, or want a specific topic covered, get in touch with me! I’m not hard to find.

I love you all and I love this space. Like always, I don’t promise to be perfect, so bear with me. It’s not easy to share this crap on the internet, guys. But it feels authentic and important to me, so until I don’t feel that anymore, right here is where you’ll find me. Get ready, the women of Trend-ish 2.0 are coming your way soon!

P.S. there is one more thing coming your way, but a little suspense never hurt nobody, right?

Cheers, I’m back, y’all

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