10 Products I Raved About In 2018

Guys, I love finding really great products. Any chance I get to reduce waste and use more sustainable everyday items, I’m here for it. We live in a really amazing time because we have access to the best of the best. I can research ethically sourced leather companies for months before I splurge on a new purse. I can look up farm-to-table restaurants instead of going to freaking Applebee’s. Those are wins!

I’ve learned from my dad to just spend the extra money if it means the product will actually last. He reminds me that I’ll have to buy a new one again in a year from now anyway, so I should just invest in the higher quality item now (or when I’ve saved up for it). For me, it’s usually meant: better for the earth, better for my body, better for my bank account, and/or better for the hands that make it. And like, I’m not rich? So it’s caused me to have to care about the I want to buy. It’s like this: We have enough stuff. We don’t need MORE, but we could use BETTER.

It’s helped me simplify my wardrobe, declutter my house, and think twice before I buy that cuuuuute shirt from Target.

Also: This is a process. Ya can’t be the queen of all good things overnight. We’re not all Beyonce. It’s slow changes that we make on the daily, amirite? But if I can do it, so can you! Here are 10 things I freaking loved this year.

 1. Dot Cup

Screen Shot 2018-04-12 at 9.39.10 PM


  • The average cycle produces about 30-50 mL of blood, and a Dot Cup holds 28 mL, soo yep
  • Tampons absorb some of the natural fluids your body produces, which isn’t a good thing. The cup doesn’t
  • Better for your body, bank account, and environment… what more could you want?
  • This cup is supposed to last for approx. 10 years
  • Dot Cup partners with World Vision, so when you purchase a cup, WV gives one away. (THAT’S HUGE)


It’s an adjustment? Idk, I really only see the positives. You do have to get used to it, but it’s so worth it.

2. Parker Clay


Parker Clay has the classiest, ethically sourced handbags and blankets. They’re dedicated to transforming communities in Ethiopia through social and economic empowerment. They partner with the non-profit Ellilta – Women at Risk, which has been helping vulnerable women in Addis Ababa for over 20 years through rehabilitation, counseling, and skills training. In nearly two decades, over 90% of the women who complete this program in Ethiopia have stayed out of the commercial sex industry. Parker Clay provides premium jobs to skilled artisans at their production facility in Ethiopia.

I own this Layla Satchel and loveeee it.

Get $25 off your first purchase! 


3. Bibliotheca

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

I definitely eyed this baby (and saved) for over a year and a half before I splurged. So let’s just say, I did not have buyers remorse. HAHA.

In short, the Bible is split into 5 volumes, free from all chapter numbers, verses, section headers, cross references, etc. It’s the bible as a book. It’s clean, intricately designed, and simple. This video describing the vision is beautiful. I love it because there’s no frills. It’s the Word of God, simple as that. It also is v aesthetically pleasing.

4. Book of the Month


Do you ever just like, not know what to read? I feel you. There’s a million and one people recommending books, and I’m apprehensive about investing into a bad book. That’s our time, we’re talking about! Once you sign up, tell them what you like, and they’ll give you suggestions. It’s not overwhelming because they only give you a few options to choose from every month. After you make your selection, they ship it right to your door. But don’t worry, if none of them sound intriguing, skip the month! This is a great gift idea, and it’s also cheaper than if you were to buy the book in-store!

5. Care/Of Vitamins


I never know what vitamins to take. Care/Of helped with that. You take a simple test, tell them what is most important to you (energy, immunity, brain, sleep, etc.), and it gives you suggestions on what you should take. I’m so aware that it’s all important, but this will help you start somewhere. Their marketing is killer, and their customer service is great.

Use my code: JB9DJ6 and get your first month FREE (Offer until 1/3/19)

6. Young Living Essential Oils

(No, this photo did not come from YL. Because their marketing actually pains me.)

Honestly, the only reason I really know much about oils is because I have a mother who loves them and a sister-in-law who sells them. THEY. KNOW. EVERYTHING. I learn all the tricks from them, and the more I learn, the more inclined I am to use the goods.

I never take medicine for headaches because the peppermint takes care of it. I use a Thieves cleaner for everything in my house, and I love diffusing eucalyptus when my house could use some freshening up. Throwing some lemon, lime, or grapefruit in my carbonated water is a new fav of mine, too. Santa brought me a SodaStream this year and I am BLE$$ED.

If you’re interested in going more toxic-free in 2019, or hearing other testimonies about essential oils, head over to Frankincense and Fajitas on Facebook and shoot my #SIL a message.

7. SodaStream


Speaking of SodaStream…that’s another thing I’m pumped about this year! All you La Croix freaks out there (I’m talking about myself, too) should invest in one of these! It’s obviously a lot less waste, and is significantly cheaper in the long run. One cartridge ($15) makes 60 liters of plain carbonated water. You can do the math if you’d like. As for me and my house, I’ll just sit over here saving and flavoring how I like.

(Don’t even @ me with your blasphemous talk about carbonation being bad for your teeth.)

8. Darling Magazine

I’m gonna be honest. The first time I purchased a Darling Magazine, it was simply for looks. And then this past spring, I actually read one cover to cover, and gosh it was good. Like, I knew it was, but I just never really delved into one before. Now I own 6 of them. Worth the purchase because they never touch up their models, have a solid HEALTHY view of beauty, and promote self-care. Those are things I can get behind.

9. Metal Straws


I try real hard to care about the environment. I’m no hippy, but I’m working my way there. My friend and I have talked about starting a compost on more than one occasion. It’s honestly only a matter of time.

These metal straws are great. I use them at home all the time. They’re like $9 on Amazon. My next goal, since I just got another set for Christmas, is to carry a few with me so I can use them when I’m out. Because yes, I’m going to be THAT girl.

10. Makeup Eraser


Do you know how much satisfaction I get when I use this at night? My nightly routine requires little to no waste now. All you need to take your makeup off is this washcloth and WaTEr!*~~ Yep, that’s it! I’ve been using this all year and I’m a major fan!

There ya have it. What products do you love that I don’t have listed? Like I said, it’s a daily process, so start small and make one change. And then make another. And so on, and so forth.

Cheers! (with my metal straw and carbonated water)


4 Replies to “10 Products I Raved About In 2018”

  1. Yes! I got a good friend and my mother-in-law on the “Book of the Month” train so we choose different books and then swap. Love this list, I was looking for a good reusable straw!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. 1. You’re a brave woman. 2. How do you not spill your dot cup? LOL I’ve seen sooo many good reviews about this, but I’ve always been so scared I would pass out at the sight of that thing being full! Maybe I should just think of it as fruit punch, but referring back to question number 2… how do you not make a mess!?! Haha


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