The Best of 2018 Pt. 1 – Music

Am I the only one who’s actually shocked that 2018 is long gone? (Said everyone, every year) But truly, I don’t know if I should laugh or cry about where I’m at now. I don’t live where I thought I’d live. I’m not working where I thought I’d be working. But can I just say? I don’t hate it. It’s different, but different isn’t always a bad thing. In some respects, I feel like I grew up a lot. In others, I still feel like I shouldn’t have that “adult” label we work so dang hard to acquire. There were two things I wanted to do this year: get to know me and God better, and use lotion more.

I failed at the lotion thing, but that’s okay, because I’ve been failing for a few years now on that one. As far as understanding myself better, and therefore having a deeper relationship with God goes, I can say that I tried. One tool that has really changed the game for me is the Enneagram. I know, I KNOW. You’re either so sick of hearing the “E” word, or you’re like “YASSSS, queen.” Regardless, it’s mattered to me. It’s given insight, language, and reliability to things I’ve secretly wondered about for way too many years.

I don’t know if you’re a resolution person, but either way, I’d still encourage you to find some time to reflect on who you were a year ago. Here’s some questions I plan on sitting down to ponder (even though we’re past Jan 1):

What things/thoughts have been restored since last year?

In what areas am I more bitter/cynical?

How are my relationships in comparison to last year?

Where do I want to grow this year?

Is there more or less room to dream this year? Why?

K, now that we got the deep stuff outta the way, check out all the things I consumed this year. Obviously there is a lot more than what I’m sharing, but for now, here’s some of the top shtuff. I’m breaking this down into 5 posts because none of y’all would read this entire book if it was one long one. So, music. Here’s my top 5 for the year, and a few honorable mentions that don’t get a cool pic attached.


1. Sasha Sloan


One day I’ll get over the sad girl pop* I seem to love so much, but until that day, I’m going to continue listening to my girls Charlotte Lawrence, Nina Nesbitt, Halsey, Sash ^, and so on and so forth.

*(One day I’m going to write more in depth on sad pop and how I think it’s a pretty accurate depiction of our world lately: deeply sad, but fronting as fun and happy.)

2. Thirdstory


LIKE HAVE YOU HEARD THEM? HAVE YOU SEEN THEM? Guy in the middle, I’m into those glasses. Keep it up. For real, they got some soul. If you’re not convinced, start here.

3. Maggie Rogers


Quite possibly my favorite artist right now. She created this cool little short film, and I’m just so intrigued by her. Her lyrics are killer, her sound is fun, and she’s doing her own thing. I’ve loved watching the progression on her first tour with Mumford & Sons. You can usually find her in these weird white cowboy boots throughout her music videos and I love her for it? I’m not really sure. Her song “Light On” is her process of becoming an overnight sensation and the overwhelming feeling she had after Alaska went viral.

4. Lennon Stella

Lennon Stella

Okayyy. Well I’ve followed Lennon Stella for quite a few years now, and it’s still sort of weird that she’s an artist that I like, listen to now? Before she was just an above average 12 year old that was cuter than me. Now she’s an above average 18 year old that’s still cuter than me. But it’s fine, I’m secure in my looks. All that to say – she grew up. And she’s who you should be paying attention to right now. She wants to do pop, but with more heart/intentional lyrics. You feel that when you listen to her lyrics.

5. Dermot Kennedy


My guy! Dermot Kennedy is the only show I’ve ever gone to alone (thanks Allison for bailing) and I have to say, IT WAS INCREDIBLE. I don’t recommend seeing like, Beyoncé by yourself, but someone like Dermot? Ya. He’s moody and poetic and has the best accent. The night I saw him, it was rainy, and I was at this small venue in Nashville, and it was all just too much. Too. MUCH.

Honorable Mentions:

Kacey Musgravesdon’t usually like country, but this is melancholy-ish so obvi I like it.

Shawn Mendesomg he’s such a cutie and basically OWNED 2018. for good reason

Paramorethis album, sheesh. don’t skip 26 or Tell Me How

Lauren Daiglei’m just like PROUD of her? what a compliment to be compared to Adele.

Alvvaysone of my favorite new finds of the year. I mentioned them here.

Leon Bridges – this. is. so. GROOVY.

Riahmore girl pop, whatevs

Maren Morris – not a country fan, either? start here.

Khalidthe kid is like 19. he’s just phenomenal. and his sound is freaking amazing.

LIZZOokay, she’s a queen. she opened for HAIM and i couldn’t be a bigger fan.


Happy Listening! Cheers.


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