Who Even Is Chrissy Teigen?

Chrissy Teigen has taken over the internet via her favorite social media app, Twitter. Commenting on other celebrity news, trolling her famous husband, and responding with the best clapbacks of the year, Chrissy has created an unignorable presence. 


But who is she? And where did she come from? Utah, actually. Born in Utah but having moved all over, Chrissy’s family settled in Huntington Beach, California. Which is where Chrissy worked at a surf shop. After being discovered by a photographer there (something that we truly only thought happened in movies) Chrissy began her modeling career. You may have seen her smiling face holding one of those silver suitcases on the set of Deal or No Deal from ‘06-’07. After that, Teigen was featured in magazines, ad campaigns, and music videos, specifically for the song Stereo, which is where she met her now husband, John Legend in 2007. After four years of dating, the two wed in Italy. 



But, that still doesn’t really explain how she ended up on our timelines. It’s not like other Deal or No Deal models now have their own dishware line or series of viral tweets. So, how did she make her way into so many of our hearts? The election, actually. So many celebrities keep opinions to themselves for fear of public backlash and damage to their brand. But not Chrissy. In fact, Chrissy’s entire brand revolves around her candid comments and we are oh so thankful. The star used her platform during the election to support democratic candidates and express her distaste for others, especially Trump. She seems to have zero tolerance for bull crap, no matter where it comes from.


When she’s not raining on the President’s parade, she’s shutting down the overly critical and those who to find themselves on a higher horse than others. 



She may have more money than us, she’s definitely been to more countries than we have, and sure, she is married to one of the most talented men in Hollywood. But through her honest opinions, we can all relate to Chrissy. Through her fast food binges, her openness about using in vitro, and her red carpet commentary, Chrissy just feels like one of “us”. So here’s to Chrissy! May she continue to call out the ridiculousness of hollywood and the White House. Reminding us not to take ourselves, life, or other celebrities, too seriously. 

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