The Best of 2018 Pt. 4 – Podcasts

It’s the end of January, but WHAT OF IT. I’m still posting this because it’s arguably the one I’m most excited for. I spent a lot of really GOOD hours with headphones in my ears; listening, learning, and laughing. These are just a few of the ones I found either insightful, memorable, alarming, funny, or some other strong emotion. Because I am nothing if not completely in the feels.

For each podcast, I’m going to give you a broad theme-ish word, and about 2 sentences because no one has time. No one. Pick what sounds good, and move on from what doesn’t. There aren’t enough hours in the day to waste on things you’re not actually interested in. I’ll tell you where to start on the ones that aren’t an obvious seres.

Y’all know I’m never going to stop posting about podcasts, right? Hope you don’t hate it.


Dr. Death

Theme-ish: true crime

Don’t listen at night, in the rain, on windy roads in Tennessee. I’m actively praying I never need surgery ever in my life, because I’m not sure I trust anyone.

The Bible Binge

Theme-ish: Us Weekly bible study

You’re tryna cast Dax Sheppard as Lot? And David as Leonardo DiCaprio? I’m  100% here for that. Learn about the bible in a completely new setting. It’s hilarious and insightful.

Start here.

Fun Therapy

Theme-ish: emotional vulnerability / freedom

UGH, this. What a girl response, but MAN, this is good. It focuses on the hard parts of life, with people you may or may not know. 

Start here.

Bear Brook

Theme-ish: true crime

Don’t listen at night, in the snow, on backroads in Iowa. (Are you sensing a theme?) HOW CAN A WHOLE FAMILY GO MISSING AND NO ON NOTICE. How? HOW? Straight up, Binge-worthy.


Theme-ish: cults (!)

Like, how does the blonde girl from Smallville get wrapped up in the middle of a cult? Where they literally BRAND people? This is chilling and so disturbing.


Theme-ish: church planting

I’ve never really had the desire to plant a church, but I found all 6 episodes of this so, so engaging. Talking about all sides of the church: the numbers, politics, LGBTQ, money, racism, cliches, burnout, authenticity, etc.

The Popcast

Theme-ish: pop culture

There’s an entire episode about How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days. DID YOU KNOW THAT KATE HUDSON WAS ONLY 23 WHEN THEY FILMED THAT? I, for whatever reason, am unable to move past that.

Start here.

The Faith Angle

Theme-ish: politics and faith

I suggest you find someone else to listen to the same episode as you, because you’ll definitely want to discuss and debrief. I learned so much from the way they disagree, stay kind, and engage in really touchy topics.

Start here.


Theme-ish: emotional vulnerability / freedom

There’s a lot of really great conversations that happen on here. I’m a fan because of Miles Adcox, who runs Onsite. Sometimes the feely-ness is a lot, but the bulk of it is good.

Start here.

Blue Babies Pink

Theme-ish: perspective-shifting

If you think you know what you believe about LGBTQ issues, I recommend listening to this. I appreciated the perspective and honesty the Brett shares.


Theme-ish: investigative reporting

Warning: this is definitely triggering, so if you’ve experienced any type of abuse, tread lightly. This about the Larry Nassar case. Wow.

What needs to be on my list this year?! Tell meeeee.

Cheers, happy listening!


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