Let’s Hear It For The Girls!

Happy International Women’s Day!… Just a couple days late. (THIS WKND WAS BUSY, OK?!) We couldn’t let the celebration pass without celebrating women a little extra. So, we asked a few of the women of Trend-ish to tell us about ladies that inspire them and to suggest some women-centric projects, blogs, etc. they’re following.

This is a pivotal time for us to band together, not pit ourselves against one another. Some of us have been talking, and we encourage you to tell the women in your life how much they mean to you. How have they impacted you? Life is too short to not share these things.

Check it out:


Who inspires you?
My sisters. They each exemplify strength, poise, and determination on a daily basis. 

What are you consuming that’s by, for, or about women?
I follow @HelloSunshine founded by Reese Witherspoon and love the positive content they produce on business, mental health, and community.


Who inspires you?
ALICIA KEYS. She never misses a moment to own her space and spread love and positivity. She’s someone in Hollywood who exemplifies confidence and humility. She knows who she is, and that’s refreshing. 

I think this song she released recently is absolutely so fitting for today.

ALICIA KEYS photographed by Brigitte Lacombe in New York, NY on March 17, 2018

What are you consuming that’s by, for, or about women?
@girlsnightinclub – they’re a stellar crew, talking about everything from book clubs and self-care, to beauty products and women positivity. Their newsletter is a must!


Who inspires you?
I’m currently inspired by @BrainsOverBlonde on IG. She’s made a lot of difficult decisions in the last year and didn’t hold back from sharing with her audience (which I don’t expect everyone to do) but she really lays it all out there and does whatever she can to help empower other women!

What are you consuming that’s by, for, or about women?
I think everyone and their mother needs to see Mary Queen of Scots. If you want to see a glaring example of how the church has politicized itself throughout history and how many women are tricked into being pitted against each other, you need to see this movie. We can do better. Let’s do better!


Who inspires you?
I’ve recently been inspired by two different artists that you can find on IG – @morganharpernichols and @shirazien. I love the art they both produce, but their words are what drew me to them initially. MHN creates art for specific people/stories that are submitted to her, but almost all of them end up being relatable. She’s good at telling you what you need to hear. I first found Noor Shirazie via Tumblr. I like her writing because it feels like she’s been living in your head for a month and then puts exactly what you’re feeling into words.

What are you consuming that’s by, for, or about women?
I’m currently anticipating the third season of The Bold Type (coming April 9th)! TBT is show about three women in their 20s living and working in New York. It’s funny and refreshing and heartwarming and relatable and you can stream the first two seasons on Hulu! 


Who inspires you?
This is going to sound cliche, but Brené Brown inspires me. She has paved a new path in our culture where vulnerability and empathy are encouraged. Her book, The Power of Vulnerability, completely changed my life. She is wise, vulnerable and courageous.

Another woman who encourages me is @stephaniesnyderyoga. She embodies love, kindness, compassion, dedication and strength. She owns LoveStory Yoga in San Francisco. I’d never laughed and cried so much on my yoga mat before her class. The experience was pure magic.

What are you consuming that’s by, for, or about women?
@MindBodyGreen – fantastic source for health and wellness.


I’m inspired by Julia Veach because she is literally the jack of all trades. She’s been obedient to her seasons as a business woman, pastor, mother, speaker, trainer, renovator – she makes me believe that you can really learn to balance a full life and do it really well. 

I can barely keep up with my own life let alone the media, but I do follow and have always loved the mission & vision of @propelwomen. I love that it isn’t just centered around one woman, but a group of women. They empower each other well while challenging the rest of us to build up rather than tear down. Women today need to see that example now more than ever.


Mother Teresa. She is so foreign to me: her lifestyle, her selflessness, her love. But she made home for all, welcoming the weary and the needy. I want to be a welcome home like Mother Teresa.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel by Amy Sherman Palladino. I cannot get over the genius of this show and Amy’s quick whit, class, and attention to socialization of gender, family, and love. So freaking good.

We love you – truly, thanks for being you.


The Trend-ish gals

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