HOMECOMING: Beyonce, Motherhood, and Creativity


I feel like I should just not say sorry for posting only once every like 2 months anymore? YOU KNOW THE DRILL. I’M SORRY. I’d love to have more margin to write, but I make no promises.

I may not be making as much time to write, but I sure made time for Beyoncé’s Homecoming experience on Netflix. Priorities, amirite? Who else watched? I mean…Sheesh.

I. Have. So. Many. Thoughts. I’d love to hold a small group to discuss, but this right here will have to do. Although, I gotta say – based off of the responses I’ve been seeing, I think I’d sell out a small group for this. PEOPLE LUV BEYONCE AND BEYCHELLA.

Which leads me to a few things I’d like to say before I jump in:

1. B is talented, but I’ve never actually super cared for her style of music. Like it’s GOOD, but not my jam, ya know?

2. Up until this point, I have NOT understood the fascination, obsession, and madness that is Beyonce. 

3. I am not the most educated on B, so this post is not all-encompassing, and I don’t know everything about her, so don’t @ me with things I missed. I’m not claiming to be an expert.

K –

If you haven’t watched yet, I suggest you do that. Right now. But. Here’s the trailer if you want a refresher.

Beyonce is the first African-American woman to headline a music festival. Her performance centers around preserving historically black colleges and universities. She said it was more important to bring “our culture to coachella” as opposed to wearing some flower crown. 

People said Homecoming was life-changing. They said no one can top Beyonce’s creativity. They said this performance is unmatched. 

And I don’t disagree. It. Does. Not. Disappoint.

Here are 3 things we can take away from Beyonce’s Coachella madness:

1. People will always get behind a vision they believe in.

When you watch this, you see every backup dancer and performer sold out for the cause. People want to support something. As humans, we long to care about something. Beyonce’s performance gave so many people a reason to come together. Seeing clips of B lead and demand excellence was really captivating to watch.

I can honestly say that her creative direction and execution is incredible throughout this whole process Her attention to every detail of this show, underlying meanings, and dedication was freaking inspiring. I want to be better at what I do, just because of watching her thrive in what she’s doing. That’s a skill you want to have, let me tell you. I’ve been able to work for a few of those type of people. Worth it.

2. Even Beyonce has limits.

I thought it was really commendable hearing Bey say that she pushed herself farther than she ever has before, and that she’ll never push herself that far again. But like…What? I kind of couldn’t believe she said that? Like she’s at the top of her GAME. And even still – I love her more for saying that. (SEE, THIS IS WHY PEOPLE LOVE HER. I’m drinking the kool-aid as we speak. It’s pretty scary. I get the feeling that so many people believe that whatever comes out of Beyonce’s mouth is gospel. Regardless if it’s actual truth.) Anyway – respect her for acknowledging how crazy her preparation was, and how dang hard she had to work in order to produce results like this. 

3. Creativity is derived from passion. And resources.

I keep seeing articles about Beyonce’s creativity and how unmatched it is. She’s a creative genius and her direction is fresh, top-notch, and timely, yes. The people aren’t wrong. But I think it’s only fair that we acknowledge the resources at Bey’s fingertips. I can only imagine that what the queen wants, the queen gets. And like, I guess that’s not a bad thing? Especially because I think a LOT of people walked away from watching this  overwhelmingly inspired. I’m excited about the ways this is going to spark new ideas for everything under the sun. Or at least I hope it does.

Something I didn’t expect to hear her talk so much about was sacrifice, motherhood, and her family. These two Coachella performances were her homecoming after giving birth to twins. This is her not trying to be who she was, but her entering a new season. Throughout the entire documentary, you see how dedicated she is – not just to her work, but to her babies, her husband, her body. To herself.

And I thought it was only fitting to post my thoughts on Homecoming on Mother’s day for all the ma’s out there. Regardless if you’re a mother, a soon-to-be mother, or a one-day-down-the-road mother, I think there’s a valuable lesson we can take away from Queen B. Do what you need to do for purpose, vision and new limits. And do whatever you need to do to utilize your resources to inspire and get inspired. It’s so important.

Happy momma’s day, y’all. I hope you exude as much confidence and strength as the iconic Beyonce. Because you’re phenom. Whether you’re someone who thinks BK can do no wrong, or you’re like me and it’s not that serious, happy Homecoming. Walk into a new season if you want to. *finger snaps*

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