Blade Runner and the Weinstein Avalanche

"Please, Lord, let this be a marathon, and not a week-long dining room table discussion that flavors our words with gossip a little juicier than usual until something else comes along to pique our interest."


A couple things: this post is not by me. You're probably like, yay! It's fine. I'm also like, yay! Sometimes ya just gotta pass the baton off to someone who knows how to get the job done. Well, my bff Andrea Hyre got it done with this one. Want a glimpse into marriage? 40 hour road trips?… Continue reading “Vacation-ish”


It's the end of August and it's time for me to tell you all the current things that are changing my life. Or not, really. But these are things I love and think you might too! It's all things food, pop culture, travel, and every other basic white girl blog thing. So let's just get… Continue reading TRENDY LUV | ISH #1