Bye, for now.

Hi, fam. It's time we have the talk. DTR, time. Let's talk dreams, let's talk trend-ish. I've waited to write this because 1. I write in different capacities these days and editing just doesn't have the same "sparkle" it once had and 2. I promised I wouldn't write this until it wasn't pointed or coming …

Restless Rest

I kept doing all the things – sleep, exercise, books, Netflix, “me time”, time away from my family, time with my family. You name the “self care” trick, I tried it. I tried them all.

My Worst Day as a Parent

And through the monitor I hear Oliver say, “Why didn’t Mommy come back?” And in the same way it is again now, my heart dropped into the pit of my stomach, and I felt an instant wave of guilt overwhelm me. 

Responding To Someone Else’s Grief

This post isn't about my own grief. It's not about the tears I've cried, or the questions I've asked. It’s not about my own days where getting out of bed felt too hard. It's about a different side of the fight. It's about your mom's grief when she loses her college roommate. And your best friend's grief after she has a miscarriage. It’s about all the people you encounter, telling you about their grief.

To The Young Leader

"Wrestle with it, yell about it, fight in your soul with it, but don’t you dare respond out of it. Don’t you dare let it define you."