Must-Know TV Series: 90’s Edition

When thinking about what I wanted to write about, the first words I thought were words like loss, disappointment, and heartache, 'cause that's just who I am this week (and honestly who I've been since high school when I wore lime green skinny jeans and bows in my hair and thought I was scene).

Captain Fantastic… is Fantastic

It's time for a movie recommendation! Captain Fantastic is a depiction of this kind of free spirited, unconventional way of life, and in so many regards this family seems to be ahead of the curve. But then, in other ways they're uncomfortably behind. I'm such a fan of this movie! Check it out.

Kristene Dimarco’s Story

"I've realized that the place I felt God the most is where I felt lack of judgement. I believe love transforms way easier than religion. Love confronts issues not because they're wrong, but because they're killing you. Jesus came to give us life and life more abundantly."

Blade Runner and the Weinstein Avalanche

"Please, Lord, let this be a marathon, and not a week-long dining room table discussion that flavors our words with gossip a little juicier than usual until something else comes along to pique our interest."

Engaging Hope in Seasons of Disappointment

So, job hunting is hard. At times it is frustrating. Other times it is confusing. And then there are times when it is unbelievably disappointing. Dreams don't make sense. Vision seems lost. And your hope seems to have left the planet. I fought this for a few months everyday. It took constant care and attention… Continue reading Engaging Hope in Seasons of Disappointment

Short film ft. Ellie Goulding (Shot on a Nokia!)

You'll soon come to understand that I'm the biggest Ellie Goulding fan. Like, I can't get enough of her. But more of that for another day. I've watched this video probably 30 times in the last 3 years. I remember when I first found it... you'd think it was Christmas freaking morning. Um, exactly.  I die… Continue reading Short film ft. Ellie Goulding (Shot on a Nokia!)

Childish Gambino Freestyle

Donald Glover, I'm dying over here! Not only is this one of my favorite Drake songs because Ellie Goulding!!!!!! is featured, but it's also the song you chose to freestyle to. I'm weak. Bye. ya tried to give yo boy pills, like I'm being violent, ya tried to give yo boy pills just to keep… Continue reading Childish Gambino Freestyle