Alrightyyy then. I've been into Joseph for about a year now and it's time you know them if you don't. They harmonize better than I ever could even if I had singing lessons since infancy. It's actually not fair. But I gotta say thank you to them because it's beautiful. The world needs to hear… Continue reading Joseph

You + Me

Okay if you're not on the You+Me train you are honestly not my friend. Dallas Greene and Pink KILL IT together. I die over their version of Sade's No Ordinary Love. D I E. This album came out in 2014, and I can remember vividly when I first fell in love with their voices… Continue reading You + Me

Wednesday Cool Down Jam

I have this weird thing with Lennon Stella. I'm fascinated. I think maybe it's because she's blossomed in front of America's eye. The world was hooked after her and little sister Maisy released a cover of Robyn and Erato's "Call Your Girlfriend". At the age of 12 she was already cooler than me. Now, only 18,… Continue reading Wednesday Cool Down Jam