Podcast of the Week: Making Oprah

I'm trying to think of a better phrase than, "this is interesting," but really, this is interesting. You'll hear snippets from her audition tape and early shows and jeez does she sound young! Which, duh the Oprah Winfrey show started over 30 years ago now. It's been a minute.

Podcast of The Week: Girlboss

Heyo. Hope you're great. I'm great. And I'm here to tell you that every Wednesday, I'm going to come out with the best thing I've listened to in the last 7 days. There's some good shtuff out there and I'll do my best to narrow it down to one episode, from one podcast. Also I… Continue reading Podcast of The Week: Girlboss

For The Love Podcast With Jen Hatmaker

Y'all, I've got another pod for ya that you're going to love. (Do you like how I just said y'all even though I'm from nowhere near the south?)  It's whatever. I do what I want. Just do yourself a favor and go listen. You'll love this one, friends, if any of these lovely topics relate to… Continue reading For The Love Podcast With Jen Hatmaker