All The Things You Need To Help You Thrive This March

WHAT HAPPENED? DID FEBRUARY EVEN EXIST? Probably it didn't. But I'm okay with it being March because that means friends visiting, fun projects (stay tuned), and FREAKING Jamaica! To say I'm excited isn't accurate. It isn't accurate at all. Also, if you'd like to say a prayer that my passport comes in on time, that'd… Continue reading All The Things You Need To Help You Thrive This March

5 Books To Make You Laugh

Okay, so we read all of those super deep, life changing, transformational books. Everybody loves a good self-help book amirite? No? Okay, fine. We hate to love them, then. Or we love some psycho killer page turner like Gone Girl. While I also love these, about a 2 years ago I reached a point where… Continue reading 5 Books To Make You Laugh

2017 Summer Reads

Man, unemployment is definitely teaching me to enjoy where I am. Even if it's not where I want to be. When I haven't been traveling to 473563847 weddings, I've been reading my butt off. Here's a list of what I've read this summer and how it measured up.