Podcast of the Week: Making Oprah

I'm trying to think of a better phrase than, "this is interesting," but really, this is interesting. You'll hear snippets from her audition tape and early shows and jeez does she sound young! Which, duh the Oprah Winfrey show started over 30 years ago now. It's been a minute.

Kristene Dimarco’s Story

"I've realized that the place I felt God the most is where I felt lack of judgement. I believe love transforms way easier than religion. Love confronts issues not because they're wrong, but because they're killing you. Jesus came to give us life and life more abundantly."

Vegan Brownies (!!!!!)

C-ya, I've gone vegan for these. I don't know if I'll ever make boxed brownies again? These were too good. I found the recipe from the lovely Megan Gilmore. Click here for the full recipe! I've also posted it below, with my adaptations in red. Date Sweetened Flourless Brownies Date Sweetened Flourless Brownies coconut oil… Continue reading Vegan Brownies (!!!!!)