My Favorite Music of 2017

Here's a few of my favorite artists that I listened to last year, with only one word to describe them. As always, click to listen. London Grammar: melodic Christine and the Queens: head-bobbin'   Khalid: smooth Alabama Shakes: full Joseph: pretty Haim: cool Bleachers: fun (no pun intended) Nina Nesbitt: moody Miley Cyrus: twangin'  Halsey:… Continue reading My Favorite Music of 2017


When I first heard them, I was like wait, what? Is this Sara Bareilles? Like I'm actually shocked that she doesn't come up on their "related artists" tab on Spotify. Am I the only one? If you're a fan of Sara, you'll love BOY. At least I think you will. These chicks are based out… Continue reading BOY


Alrightyyy then. I've been into Joseph for about a year now and it's time you know them if you don't. They harmonize better than I ever could even if I had singing lessons since infancy. It's actually not fair. But I gotta say thank you to them because it's beautiful. The world needs to hear… Continue reading Joseph

A Song For Peace I heard this song for the first time last week, and instantly had goosebumps. I just can't even with it. It's so good. It screams of peace. And don't you and I know it, we need a lot of that right now. If you're feeling stressed to the max already this week and you… Continue reading A Song For Peace

You + Me

Okay if you're not on the You+Me train you are honestly not my friend. Dallas Greene and Pink KILL IT together. I die over their version of Sade's No Ordinary Love. D I E. This album came out in 2014, and I can remember vividly when I first fell in love with their voices… Continue reading You + Me