My Favorite Music of 2017

Here's a few of my favorite artists that I listened to last year, with only one word to describe them. As always, click to listen. London Grammar: melodic Christine and the Queens: head-bobbin'   Khalid: smooth Alabama Shakes: full Joseph: pretty Haim: cool Bleachers: fun (no pun intended) Nina Nesbitt: moody Miley Cyrus: twangin'  Halsey:… Continue reading My Favorite Music of 2017

The End of The xx Series – Jazzy Fizzle xx

Hi, new tunes. I'm really pumped about this one. I've been listening to it for a minute and I think it's great. I'm trying to think of my favorites.... it's hard. Some of these songs I featured here. So those are a must. Otherwise... Moments Passed - Dermot Kennedy Some Kind of Love - The… Continue reading The End of The xx Series – Jazzy Fizzle xx

4 Songs on Repeat

HI. YOU MUST LISTEN TO ALL 4. BYE 1. Nina Nesbitt - The Moments I'm Missing 2. Kygo - This Town 3. joan - love somebody like you 4.VÉRITÉ - Saint (Tigertown Remix) Cheers - lemme know if you need help finding the repeat button.

The xx series – revamp music

New tunes, who dis? I don't want to be a cliche millennial and say this playlist has some "good vibes" but. this playlist has some good vibes. It's whatever, I do what I want. It's boppin', or something. And it has some Top 40 on it, because like I said, I do what I want.… Continue reading The xx series – revamp music

B3: Brunch, Birthday, Beats

Hi. I'm back because, wifi. I've finally nestled into my place in Nashville and to say I'm happy is probably a slight understatement. More on that to come. One of my greatest friends had a birthday brunch this morning and although I couldn't be there in person, my girls still trust me with the jams.… Continue reading B3: Brunch, Birthday, Beats

More Acoustic, Less Techno – Fall Playlist

This playlist is acceptable because I saw red + yellow leaves on a few trees in northern Minnesota this weekend. It's a mix of some predictable fall songs, and some not so much. Obviously there will be City + Colour, Bon Iver, and The Lumineers. I try not to have more than one of the… Continue reading More Acoustic, Less Techno – Fall Playlist

A “Not Quite Fall-ish” Playlist

I'm just tryna live my life above all the rap that shows up on New Music Friday. Am I the only one? I feel like there's a ton. And I actually like rap. But, I digress. This is not a fall playlist, although I wish it were time to whip out the City and Color, Death… Continue reading A “Not Quite Fall-ish” Playlist

NEW NEW Playlist – acv shots xx

Yo! Happy Fridayyyy. What's that you say? You need new music for your summer road trip? Look no further. I hooked you uppp. Check acv shots xx here! Songs I am obsessed with: Grace Mitchell, Come Back For You Ingrid Michaelson, Light Me Up RHODES, HOME Make sure to follow me on Spotify so you don't… Continue reading NEW NEW Playlist – acv shots xx