Podcast of The Week: Girlboss

Heyo. Hope you're great. I'm great. And I'm here to tell you that every Wednesday, I'm going to come out with the best thing I've listened to in the last 7 days. There's some good shtuff out there and I'll do my best to narrow it down to one episode, from one podcast. Also I… Continue reading Podcast of The Week: Girlboss

The xx series – revamp music

New tunes, who dis? I don't want to be a cliche millennial and say this playlist has some "good vibes" but. this playlist has some good vibes. It's whatever, I do what I want. It's boppin', or something. And it has some Top 40 on it, because like I said, I do what I want.… Continue reading The xx series – revamp music

Childish Gambino Freestyle

Donald Glover, I'm dying over here! Not only is this one of my favorite Drake songs because Ellie Goulding!!!!!! is featured, but it's also the song you chose to freestyle to. I'm weak. Bye. ya tried to give yo boy pills, like I'm being violent, ya tried to give yo boy pills just to keep… Continue reading Childish Gambino Freestyle