My Whole 30 Experience

Alright, here's the deal.I've heard of friends doing Whole 30, and their comments and complaints left me hesitant to try it. I listened to Melissa Hartwig talk about it with Jen Hatmaker and I was intrigued again, but I so struggle with the balance of only wanting to buy the weird healthy foods, and then only… Continue reading My Whole 30 Experience

Vegan Brownies (!!!!!)

C-ya, I've gone vegan for these. I don't know if I'll ever make boxed brownies again? These were too good. I found the recipe from the lovely Megan Gilmore. Click here for the full recipe! I've also posted it below, with my adaptations in red. Date Sweetened Flourless Brownies Date Sweetened Flourless Brownies coconut oil… Continue reading Vegan Brownies (!!!!!)