All The Things You Need To Help You Thrive This March

WHAT HAPPENED? DID FEBRUARY EVEN EXIST? Probably it didn't. But I'm okay with it being March because that means friends visiting, fun projects (stay tuned), and FREAKING Jamaica! To say I'm excited isn't accurate. It isn't accurate at all. Also, if you'd like to say a prayer that my passport comes in on time, that'd… Continue reading All The Things You Need To Help You Thrive This March

Swiftie Unplugged

T-Swizzle is blowing up all over again. Fans are freaking out because she's releasing her Reputation album November 11th. They've gotten a glimpse with her first single off the record, and it's quite a bit different. Critics have been ruthless, but I think her fans are some of the most dedicated I've seen as far… Continue reading Swiftie Unplugged

Short film ft. Ellie Goulding (Shot on a Nokia!)

You'll soon come to understand that I'm the biggest Ellie Goulding fan. Like, I can't get enough of her. But more of that for another day. I've watched this video probably 30 times in the last 3 years. I remember when I first found it... you'd think it was Christmas freaking morning. Um, exactly.  I die… Continue reading Short film ft. Ellie Goulding (Shot on a Nokia!)